If you know of any property within our Fire District that has a weed abatement issue, please email us or give us a call with a location. We cover the rural areas of Patterson and Newman, along with the townships of Vernalis, Westley, Crows Landing, and Diablo Grande.

The weed abatement process in the Fire District is as follows;

1.     West Stanislaus Fire District will “post” the property

2.     After (10) ten days we go back and re-check to see if the property has been cleaned

3.     If the property has not been cleaned, a letter will be sent to Stanislaus County from the West Stanislaus Fire District notifying them of the weed abatement issue.

4.     The property owner then has (30) thirty days to clean up their property.

5.     If the property is not cleaned after the (30) thirty days, Stanislaus County will gather bids and force clean the property.